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Ophthalmology became established as a department separate from Otolaryngology in 1912 at the University of California San Francisco (see more history). Since that time the Department of Ophthalmology has grown steadily and today includes the clinical facilities of three major hospitals.

The Department of Ophthalmology is organized around faculty members with subspecialty skills and expertise. The department combines one of the nation's leading vision research programs with outstanding clinical care. The research and multicenter clinical facilities of the Department of Ophthalmology comprise the Beckman Vision Center.

The Beckman Vision Center includes the Koret Vision Research Laboratory Building and the Vision Care and Research Unit (VCRU).

The Koret Vision Research Laboratory houses one of the most active vision science programs in the country, with extensive support from the National Eye Institute of the NIH as well as from private benefactors.
The Vision Care and Research Unit (VCRU) is an outpatient facility designed for the management of complex cases and for clinical research.

The Beckman Vision Center also includes the Ambulatory Care Center on Parnassus Avenue and Departments of Ophthalmology at the San Francisco General Hospital (Chief, Dr. Bennie Jeng) and the Fort Miley Veterans Medical Center (Chief, Dr. Ayman Naseri).

The Department trains five residents per year in a three year residency program, and provides instruction in Ophthalmology to medical students. Postgraduate programs of clinical fellowship training are available in cornea, external disease and refractive surgery, glaucoma, ocular oncology, ophthalmic plastic surgery, uveitis and vitroretinal surgery.

The establishment of The Beckman Vision Center and the building of the Koret Vision Research Laboratory is the achievement of That Man May See, Inc., a foundation dedicated to vision research and care.

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