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Program Description:
I. Program Overview
II. Eligibility Policy
III. Teaching Faculty
IV. Formal Teaching
V. Resident Rotations
VI. Responsibility & Surgery
VII. Clinical Sites
VIII. Department Research
IX. Fellowship Opportunities
X. Summary

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Fall 2013



The Department of Ophthalmology at the University of California, San Francisco has an integrated residency program, which utilizes the clinical facilities of three major hospitals. These institutions are the University of California Medical Center, the Veterans Administration Hospital and San Francisco General Hospital.

We train five residents per year in each of three residency years. The principal objective of our program is to train outstanding ophthalmologists who have strong backgrounds in basic and clinical ophthalmic science and who are capable of entering any future career pathway in the vision science field including ophthalmic practice, and/or ophthalmic teaching and research. It is our intention to provide this training through a combination of excellent formal teaching sessions throughout residency, exposure to appropriate clinical cases at all levels, and ongoing close relationships between residents and an outstanding faculty. The programmatic areas covered in our residency are ophthalmic basic science, ophthalmic pathology, orbital and adnexal diseases, plastic and reconstructive surgery, conjunctival and corneal diseases and surgery including refractive surgery, ocular microbiology, uveitis, diseases and surgery of the lens, glaucoma and glaucoma surgery, vitreoretinal diseases, pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus, neuro-ophthalmology, ocular oncology, and ocular emergency care and trauma. We attempt to teach critical, inquisitive, and innovative thinking, and we provide research opportunities to all interested residents.
To access service, training year and site-specific goals and objectives for our residency training program, please click here to view (or right-click to download) our Goals and Objectives Booklet.

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